Hi, I am Mayank Varia.

I research theoretical and applied cryptography and its application to problems throughout and beyond computer science.

About Me

Research Associate Professor

I am a member of the computer science department at Boston University.

RISCS Center

I am the co-director of BU's Center for Reliable Information Systems & Cyber Security, a multi-disciplinary group of faculty whose research impacts, or is impacted by, cybersecurity attacks and defenses.

Cyber Alliance

I am a founding member of BU's Cyber Security, Law, and Society Alliance, which explores the interaction between technology, law, and policy.


You can find a full list of my papers at DBLP. For some of my conference papers, full versions are available through the IACR.

Below, I describe a few major themes of my research along with links to selected publications..


My PhD thesis provides concrete methods to “obfuscate” or garble computer programs in a provably secure manner while preserving their functionality. Selected publications: TCC 2010a, TCC 2010b, and TCC 2009.

Formal Analysis

I construct formal, composable proofs of security for cryptographic protocols and broader systems. Selected publications: CSF 2019, SecDev 2019, CSF 2017.

Private database search

I research cryptographic techniques to perform privacy-preserving database searches that protect the raw data and queries. Selected publications: Oakland 2017 and OSR 2015.

Privacy & Inference

I develop information theoric bounds on data reconstruction attacks from a distorted, aggregate metric. Selected publications: Trans Inf. Theory 2019 and Allerton 2013.

Network Time

I investigate the security implications of an imprecise notion of time. Selected publications: Financial Crypto 2017 and CSF 2017.

Legal Implications of Cryptography

I examine the social impact of cryptography and the design of cryptosystems that achieve certain legal guarantees. Selected publications: Euro S&P 2018, FOCI 2018.

Real-World Cryptography

I design new cryptographic building blocks with strong performance and security guarantees. Selected publications: PKC 2017 and CANS 2016.

Contact Me

You can send me a message on Twitter using the link below.